Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Andrew Attewell is a terrible tenant

Andrew Attewell of Tauranga, New Zealand is the worst tenant I have ever dealt with.

I was his landlord for over a year. In the beginning he was OK and he kept my house in tidy condition. Every now and then he would miss a rent payment though and it got to the point where he was about 6 weeks behind.

Then he got a tax rebate and was able to catch up. For about a week. Then he missed rent payments again and again.

Then random women and their children moved in, and he decided to build an illegal bedroom in the garage and live in there.

Eventually I gave him 2 months notice to move out so that a family member of mine could move in. At that point he stopped paying rent altogether.

The 2 months came and went and he refused to move out.

I had to take him to tenancy tribunal to get him evicted, which took another 2 months.

Finally he left and he left a whole heap of rubbish and the place in a mess.

The only redeeming feature was that he didn't wilfully damage the place, just neglected it.

Altogether he owes me $3,391 for rent arrears and damage and cleaning. I am in the process of getting a court order for this amount, so I can look forward to getting it slowly repaid back to me.

I since hear that he is up to his old tricks with his next landlord.

Lesson learned: always check your tenant's references. I was a bit lax in this regard because he was recommended to me by my previous tenant. We did call his previous landlord who said that he kept the place tidy but did miss the occasional rent payment. Red flag!

So as not to confuse him with other chaps with the same name, I'm referring to this man: